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Donnelly improves Basketball City's HVAC and energy efficiency


70,000 sq ft

of increased comfort for clients


+15-18 years

life for heavy equipment

Basketball City, a 70,000 square foot sports and entertainment complex, located on pier 36 in New York City, was experiencing ongoing issues with its HVAC equipment including poor performance and premature equipment failure.

Donnelly Mechanical (Donnelly), an ENGIE company, was contacted by an equipment supplier for an unbiased third-party systems analysis, and repair and replacement of systems as needed. Throughout the process, Donnelly also learned of energy supply and efficiency needs and connected Basketball City to a fixed-price electricity and gas plan through ENGIE Resources. Donnelly also helped improve efficiency and reduce costs through enrollment in the ENGIE 20/20 reporting platform which provides insight into energy use, demand and cost trends.

A partnered approach  

Donnelly Mechanical did a full Systems Analysis to assess all equipment. The Systems Analysis found that poor maintenance and an incomplete installation/startup was the root cause of the ongoing issues, not faulty equipment. After hiring a professional engineer to conduct a cooling load calculation, it was confirmed that the building needed an additional 100 tons of cooling capacity


The large space did not have enough units to properly cool, causing the equipment to run continuously, never shutting off, putting tremendous stress on the units. The equipment was only seven years old, less than half of its lifespan, and they were already failing.

Donnelly coordinated with existing electrical, roofing and control contractors to put together a solution to properly cool the 70,000 square foot facility.

Donnelly first needed to provide immediate repairs to help keep the existing units running. From there, seven existing units were replaced, and four additional units were installed to properly cool the building.

The company provided a multi-year extended warranty on parts and labor. In addition, Basketball City entered into a preventive maintenance agreement with Donnelly to ensure efficient and continued operations of the HVAC system.

Basketball City also entered into a power agreement with ENGIE Resources. The agreement included a 20-month term fixed price electricity plan as well as a 36-month term fixed price gas plan.

Basketball City also enrolled in ENGIE’s 20/20 Reporting platform which provides insight into their energy use, demand and cost trends. The platform benchmarks against user-defined KPIs —helping identify usage and demand anomalies that allow them to take proactive action and better control energy costs.

As a facility that hosts a variety of very large special events, we can’t afford to have issues with our air conditioning. We were at a point where our business was being affected because of ongoing cooling issues. Donnelly is at the top of their industry in terms of knowledge and how they treat their clients. We have far more confidence in our new HVAC system now that Donnelly has successfully completed the full system install and startup. Donnelly is also maintaining all of the units on an ongoing basis. We are no longer in fear of having our A/C impact our business negatively and risk losing business because of a failing HVAC system.

Lee Isenstein

Chief Operating Officer, Basketball City


Basketball City’s new HVAC system now provides proper heating and cooling to the entire 70,000 square foot Sports & Entertainment facility. With preventive maintenance from Donnelly, the system is properly cared for and maintained and with the new equipment, the lifespan of well-maintained equipment is 15-18 years. The ENGIE 20/20 Reporting platform provides insight into energy use, costs and trends —helping identify usage and demand anomalies that allows proactive action and better control of energy costs. The fixed-cost supply from ENGIE Resources also saves Basketball City power and natural gas supply costs.

About Basketball City  

Located at Pier 36 on the East Side of New York City, Basketball City is a 70,000 sq.
ft. “state-of-the-art” Sports & Entertainment facility. The facility contains seven full basketball courts that are available for leagues as well as special events.