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Products and Solutions

We offer the following products and solutions to our customers:

  • Market access and hedging services for gas and power: we transact both physical and financial products with our customers;
  • Power generation energy management services: we perform asset optimization and bidding for powerplants, scheduling of fuels and electricity, settlement services, interactions with the ISO’s etc.
  • Gas asset management services:
  • • Gas producer services: we buy physical gas at various markets and hubs, with different pricing options;
  • • Power generation gas supply: we deliver gas to powerplants;
  • • Transportation management and asset management agreements: we manage gas transport assets released by our customers;
  • • Storage: we have access to storage and can optimize our gas portfolio to face changing demand or supply, bringing flexibility to our customers;
  • • Feedgas supply to liquefaction terminals: we can supply gas to LNG liquefaction terminals, including flexibility and various pricing schemes.


Energy Management
Producer Services
Storage Management
Transportation Management