Procurement Services

The Procurement function provides procurement category expertise for identifying, selecting and obtaining goods/commodities and services from third party supplies. Procurement services include but are not limited to supplier performance management, contracting, sourcing availability of supply, market research, benchmarking of commodity and labor price points and Total Cost of Ownership price modeling.

The Procurement goal is twofold: to help operational areas obtain the best value for their dollars and to ensure that our procurement behaviors are fair, transparent and conducted in the highest ethical manner while also mitigating our risk exposure in the marketplace. Procurement processes are aimed at creating the most advantageous competitive environment for the selection of our goods and services. This does not necessarily mean the lowest cost. Procurement achieves its goals while balancing requirements, risks, supplier relationships and cost to arrive at the best solution. Throughout Procurement also ensure that the business area owns the requirements and are an integral component of the decision making process. In summary, the Procurement function helps the business area:

  • Achieve the best value
  • Reduce contracting and acquisition cycle time for high frequency purchase
  • Comply with accepted procurement practices, laws, regulations, and requisite internal controls.
  • Facilitate exceptions and deviations to Policy
  • Assist in supplier qualification
  • Facilitating bidding processes
  • Determining contract structures
  • Establishing negotiation approaches.

Coupa Resources

ENGIE North America uses Coupa as our online procurement tool to interact with suppliers from sourcing to invoicing.
Please contact us at to register for the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) in order to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Self-maintenance of company and payment information
  • View and acknowledge your purchase order
  • Create electronic invoices and credit notes
  • Visibility to invoice approval status and payment details
  • Ability to have multiple users in your account to track the activity and complete necessary procurement and invoicing actions
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General Forms & Documentation

The Procurement team has compiled a library of forms and documents to assist you in your objectives.