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About Us

Active in Canada for over 20 years, ENGIE Canada operates more than 800MW of electricity generation facilities in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia. Demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, over 80% of ENGIE Canada’s assets derive their power from renewable sources. With a staff of nearly 70 employees located in four provinces, ENGIE is committed to collaborating and working effectively with local and Indigenous communities to further its vision of powering Canada with sustainable sources of electricity that maximize local benefits.

Our Affiliates

ENGIE Canada is proud to be a part of the global energy group ENGIE SA. As the largest independent power producer in the world, ENGIE develops its core businesses of power, natural gas, and energy services around a model of responsible growth to take on the major challenges of the global transition to a low-carbon economy. ENGIE provides individuals, cities, and businesses with highly efficient and innovative solutions to meet their energy needs in today’s dynamic and quickly evolving energy markets.

In North America, ENGIE companies are leaders in the fields of renewable energy, behind the meter generation, energy storage, retail energy to large and small customers, energy efficiency and a range of other energy services, including turnkey energy projects and facilities management. Through our North American affiliates, including ENGIE Services and ENGIE MultTech, which also operate in multiple provinces, ENGIE Canada can support a wide range of energy solutions for public and private entities.

Our Projects

ENGIE Canada provides power from 660MW of wind generation and another 20 MW of electricity gleaned from the sun in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. Since completing its first two wind farms in 2007, ENGIE has brought 10 more green facilities on line.

Please use the links below for more details on each clean generation site.

Renewable Energy Facilities

West Cape Wind Park, Prince Edward Island
The West Cape wind farm is located in western Prince Edward Island and has been operating since 2009, with a total capacity of 99MW.

Norway Wind Park, Prince Edward Island
Located on Prince Edward Island, this facility began operating in June 2007 and is able to produce a total of 9MW. The electricity from this project is sold to PEI Energy Corp.

Caribou Wind Park, New Brunswick
The Caribou Wind Park is located on Crown land in northern New Brunswick, west of Bathurst. With its 33 turbines, this project has a capacity of 99MW and has been operating since November of 2009.

Harrow Wind, Ontario
This project is located south of Windsor, Ontario and has a total capacity of 39.6MW. Commercial operations at the Harrow wind facility began in May of 2010.

Erieau Wind, Ontario
This facility is located southeast of Chatham, on the northern shore of Lake Erie. Its 55 wind turbines can generate 99MW. The Erieau wind facility was commissioned in May 2013.

Brockville Solar, Ontario
Located just west of the City of Brockville, this 10MW facility achieved commercial operation in February 2013.

AIM SOP Wind, Ontario
Located along the north shore of Lake Erie, this project consists of four separate 9.9MW facilities. Commercial operations at this facility began in 2008.

East Lake St. Clair Wind, Ontario
Located south of Sarnia, along the eastern shoreline of Lake St. Clair, this facility has a total of 55 wind turbines which produce a total of 99MW. This project achieved commercial operations in May 2013.

Cape Scott Wind, British Columbia
This facility is located on Crown land at the northern tip of Vancouver Island and has a total capacity of 99MW. It was commissioned in November 2013.

Beckwith Solar, Ontario
This 10MW project is located near Carlton Place west of Ottawa. It is made up of 44,000 solar panels and has been producing renewable energy since January 2014.

Plateau Wind, Ontario
Located near Shelburne, this project has a total capacity of 27MW. The Plateau wind facility consists of three phases, with commercial operations beginning in 2012.

Pointe-Aux-Roches Wind, Ontario
Located near the southern shore of Lake St. Clair, this wind facility has a total capacity of 48.6MW and started operating in December of 2011.

The above facilities are owned by C2C Power LP and its affiliates. ENGIE Canada Inc. is a limited partner of C2C Power LP.

Our Clean Facilities

West Windsor Power Plant
Located in Windsor, Ontario, this 123MW natural gas electricity generation plant has been operating in Windsor since 1995. Originally contracted by Ontario Hydro under a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement, the facility has recently signed a new agreement with the IESO to continue providing clean, reliable electricity for Ontario.

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