Whitehorn solar project in Texas

Whitehorn Solar Project


Whitehorn solar is in a rural area where large-scale energy projects bring needed economic development, including short- and long-term employment as well as tax benefits to the local community. Located outside the town of Gretna in Southern Virginia, the project will be built on about 450 acres of former farmland. Construction will begin in Q2 2020 and the Whitehorn Solar Project will be operational by Summer 2021.

  • Location: Pittsylvania County, Virginia
  • Status: Operational
  • Project MW: 50 MW
  • Transmission: PJM Interconnection LLC
  • Project Area: 700+ acres

Project Details


  • 11 parcels with over 700 acres of land under long-term lease
  • Project access mainly through public roads, one private access easement executed
  • No transmission easements required


  • Interconnection Service Agreement and Interconnection Construction Service Agreement executed in September 2019
  • Project will interconnect to a 69kV switching station to be constructed on site and connecting to existing 69kV transmission line dissecting the project property
Whitehorn Solar Project Details
Long Draw Solar Project - Solar Panels

Environment and Permitting


  • Extensive environmental studies conducted and under review by responsible State agencies during the Project’s Permit-by-Rule review process
  • No suitable habitat for any threatened or endangered species identified
  • Environmental Management Plan and Unanticipated Discoveries Plan will be created and applied


  • Virginia Small Renewable Energy Project (Solar) Permit by Rule expected April 2020
  • Ministerial permits for construction/operation were obtained