Ridgeview Solar Project in Ohio

Ridgeview Solar is a 49.9 MW photovoltaic power generating facility located in a rural area of Jackson County, Ohio. In developing the Ridgeview Solar Project, ENGIE is looking to be the best local business and neighbor that we can in the county.  Beyond generating clean, renewable energy, the project will create positive economic and quality of life impacts in the region with short- and long-term employment opportunities as well as tax payments for schools, roads, and community services. Construction will begin in early 2025, and the site will become operational by Q1 2026.

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  • Location: Jackson County, Ohio
  • Status: In Development
  • Project MW: 49.9 MW
  • Transmission: PJM
  • Project Area: 453 acres
  • Customer: Microsoft (in negotiation)

Project Details


  • Approximately 450 acres under lease with 2 local landowners.
  • Approximately 1 mile 34.4 kV underground transmission line originating at the solar facility.


  • Queue number AE2-302 – Connecting on East Beaver-Lick – 138kV line

Project Benefits


  • Ridgeview Solar will strengthen Jackson County’s tax base by more than $15.7 million over the life of the project, of that amount, more than $9 million will be directed to the Jackson County School District and more than $600,000 to the Gallia-Jackson-Vinton Vocational District
  • Approximately 150-200 construction jobs will be created at peak, and many of those jobs will be sourced locally
  • Two to three permanent, long-term local jobs will be created post-construction, for 35 years


  • Ridgeview Solar will produce 100% clean, renewable energy
  • The site will generate enough clean energy to power approximately 8,200 homes
  • CO2 reduction of approx. 84,406 tons/year, which is equivalent to that captured by 93,814 acres of forest
  • The panels used for Ridgeview Solar will mainly consist of silicon (which essentially is quartz, the main ingredient in glass), aluminum, copper, and other common materials
  • Up to 90-95% of the panels components can be recycled, and pose no harm to the land

Contact Us

Please contact Layne Ashton, lead developer of the Ridgeview Solar Project at layne.ashton@engie.com or Bernard Buckholtz, development associate of the Ridgeview Solar Project at bernard.buckholtz@engie.com.

Julie Vitek, in our Public Affairs team, at julie.vitek@engie.com

We appreciate your interest in the project!