24/7 energy reliability and cost-efficiency with storage

We design, deploy, operate and aggregate battery-based energy storage. As the nation’s number one distributed energy storage company, we help customers get the maximum return from their energy investments while ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Battery-based storage solves renewable energy intermittency and enables hedging

By integrating energy production with storage and management, companies, universities, and municipalities ensure every kilowatt generated is used and value created.

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Storage is reliable, efficient and revenue generating

  • Reliability – battery-operated storage addresses historic intermittency concerns with some renewable energy options such as solar and wind. Hesitancy to adopt certain renewable energy options is addressed when implementing a hybrid option of solar, for example, paired with storage resulting in reliable, clean energy.
  • Cost-Efficiency – through time-shift usage, increasing self-generation, reducing demand spikes, and hedging against rate changes, storage can deliver cost-efficient energy savings.
  • Revenue Generating Potential – demand response (DR) programs can generate revenue. On-site storage systems can respond to DR requests to reduce demand from the grid by discharging power from the battery.
Our award-winning technology, consultative approach and financing options help our customers achieve their green energy goals through a cost-effective and reliable solution. 

From evaluation to implementation, our partnered approach ensures a tailored solution to meet your specific needs

The ENGIE North America team professionals are experts in evaluating how our customers’ facilities use energy and find the best way to maximize bill savings through a combination of load management, “smart” energy storage, and distributed generation.

Our on-site battery systems are designed to capture and store electricity and discharge it at a time of day that creates the most value. We analyze electric load profiles and utility tariffs, capture value through peak shaving, load shifting, selling ancillary services into the market and providing back-up power supply.

ENGIE can also assist in technology recommendations, product development, and system integration.

We connect with you on all details as we partner with you to find the right solution to make the most of your energy – saving you money and making your energy more sustainable.

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