We celebrate diversity and embrace an inclusive culture.

At ENGIE North America, we celebrate diversity. Together, we strive to build an inclusive culture to better ourselves, our company, our communities, and our world. Embracing the presence of different and unique identities is not only the right thing to do, but also a powerful benefit and differentiator for our business. 

We pledge our unwavering commitment to the achievement of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

  • Diversity refers to the range of human and/or organizational differences and similarities. This range includes personal dimensions of diversity related to ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability, as well as factors including (but not limited to) parental/family status, work experience, educational background, geographic location, organizational affiliation, and management status.
  • Equity refers to fairness regarding the utilization of practices, policies, and systems maintained by the organization. At ENGIE, we seek to remedy inequities that can result from individual differences. Employees can succeed at ENGIE regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, or socioeconomic status. Employees are evaluated based only on performance results, leadership, potential, behaviors, and competencies.
  • Inclusion refers to creating a work environment and culture where differences are valued, respected, and leveraged as a business enabler without bias. In an inclusive organization, all employees feel a sense of belonging. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute and achieve success at ENGIE.

ENGIE “walks the talk” with specific goals and actions.

We are proud of the ways in which our employees embody our values and offer solutions to take our organization to the next level. We all have important roles to play to effect positive change. Only by reflecting the communities we serve and embracing each individual’s unique contributions will we advance our purpose to shape a sustainable future.

ENGIE has committed to having women fill 50% of management roles across the global group by 2050.

In addition, numerous internal initiatives have resulted in immediate, measurable progress on our diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey:

  • Building upon strong commitment from our executive committee, we launched a D&I learning path focused on unconscious bias and inclusion.
  • We created a D&I committee with cross-functional subcommittees that drafted a charter to guide our actions going forward.
  • We advanced diversity in our hiring practices.
  • Through the diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) committee for American Clean Power (ACP), we are helping establish a coordinated, industry-wide effort to attract and retain diverse talent within the renewables market sector.
  • We added inclusion to the ENGIE performance review for all employees and managers.
  • We implemented charitable-giving opportunities to support organizations dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equality.
  • We leveraged external expertise to provide an objective perspective on the specific challenges we face as a company, help shape our decisions, and assist us in our 18-month plan of action.
  • We held multiple all-hands, expert-led training events with external speakers on D&I topics.
  • We led an industry effort that included dozens of renewable energy companies making commitments to advance racial justice.
  • Our procurement team started tracking spend with suppliers that meet certain diversity criteria.
  • We changed our holiday schedule to include Martin Luther King Day, Veterans Day, and Juneteenth.
  • We initiated backup childcare and elder care to support families in the workplace.
  • We launched and expanded seven employee resource groups.


Employee resource groups empower employees to drive change from the grassroots level.

ENGIE’s employee resource groups (ERGs) are inspired by participating employees. Each group has an executive sponsor, a budget, and a platform for creating educational programming for both employees and our communities.

Young Professions Meet and Greet

YPn continued support and networking activities after the COVID-19 pandemic shifted employees to working from home.

Young Professionals Network

The purpose of the Young Professionals Network (YPn) is to help young employees develop professionally and collaborate with peers. This ERG is designed to foster camaraderie; spark innovation; and help young employees become more informed, engaged, and enthusiastic about ENGIE’s mission and strategy. The YPn provides exposure, social engagement, and professional development opportunities for its members.

ENGIE Pride Network

Founded in 2019, the ENGIE Pride Network has grown to engage and reach LGBTQ+ community members and allies across the ENGIE North America family of employees. This ERG encourages a culture of authenticity, inclusiveness, and support by providing resources, conducting educational seminars, assisting in shaping policies, and leading outreach to foster and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community at ENGIE and beyond.

Women in Networking

The mission of Women in Networking at ENGIE North America (WiN @Noram) is to advance women professionally, addressing disparities in gender representation and equity, both within ENGIE and in the clean energy sector at large. The intent of WiN @Noram is to develop awareness, programs, and resources on issues that affect women in the workplace, including pursuit of better work-life enrichment, mentorship programs, and community outreach focused on women in STEM careers.


WiN members support girls who are interested in STEM and careers in energy

Black ENGIE Employees Network

Black ENGIE Employees Network (BEEN) strives to create and sustain a culture that supports a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace at ENGIE for Black employees at every stage of the talent pipeline. Through programming and policy objectives, this ERG offers networking, professional development, and learning opportunities for Black employees at ENGIE. It also engages in activities that support ENGIE’s commitment to help Black communities and businesses.

ENGIE Veterans Group

The ENGIE Veterans Group is a supportive network of veterans, service members, first responders, and their allies. This ERG supports recruiting, professional development, networking, and community engagement opportunities, not only for ENGIE veterans, but for all employees.

API Employee Resource Group

The Asian and Pacific Islander (API) ERG is designed to support a workplace culture that is equitable and inclusive for all API employees, at every stage of the talent pipeline. Through programming and policy objectives, the API ERG helps create and sustain a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion for the mutual benefit of both individual employees and ENGIE as a whole.


ENGIE’s Latino/Hispanic ERG, also known as hOla, is focused on bringing together ENGIE employees to build an inclusive, equitable, and rewarding work environment for Hispanic/Latino employees. More broadly, the hOla ERG is also focused on influencing and supporting ENGIE North America’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

79% of active members of an ENGIE employee resource group agree that their ERG provides a sense of belonging within the company.

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