ENGIE has a rich heritage since the early-1900s. Today, we are a global energy player, focused on Renewable energy and low carbon distributed energy infrastructures, helping our clients to achieve their decarbonization targets.

Targets for 2030

Lightning Bolt Wrench
80 GW
Installed Renewable Capacity
CO2Cloud Customers
45 MT²
CO2e Avoided by Customers Annually
H2O Tree
4 GW
Green Hydrogen Capacity

Our Strategy

ENGIE is building the low-carbon energy system of tomorrow for an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy transition. Our strategic levers are:

Simplifying icon
and refocusing the Group on its core activities to seize opportunities in a buoyant energy market.
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our organization with a consolidated industrial approach.
Accelerating icon
our growth in renewables and local energy networks.
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our commitment to the energy transition with an ambitious Net Zero Carbon target by 2045 in all areas.
Catherine MacGregor
The alignment of ENGIE’s strategy, purpose and carbon ambitions is critical for our future success and provides a clear trajectory to our global teams.”
Catherine MacGregor
Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE

Our Purpose

ENGIE’s purpose statement was changed in 2020 to refocus on accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

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Our Solutions

ENGIE develops and deploys innovative and reliable low-carbon energy solutions to support customers’ decarbonization journeys. We manage the entire lifecycle of renewable energy transition projects, from development to financing, construction, procurement, and operations.

Our People

Our people are energy experts whose dedication is to advancing the transition to a carbon-neutral North America. They bring a range of capabilities to the market to help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Work with us!

Let’s work together to meet your decarbonization journey to Net Zero.


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