We're a leading retail energy supplier to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in the U.S.

ENGIE North America has provided retail electricity to commercial and industrial customers since 2002. We also offer sustainability options to help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

More than half of the Fortune 100 ™ turn to us for cost-effective energy from a variety of renewable and conventional sources, including natural gas, wind and solar. With more than 40,000 industrial and commercial customers, we’ve built a reputation for reliable, accurate, and cost-effective products and services. Every hour, three commercial and industrial customers switch to ENGIE North America for natural gas or power. 

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Whether working with a Broker, a Consultant or purchasing directly through ENGIE, our customers can expect the same high-quality customer experience.

Our Commitments

On-time enrollment and helpful post-sales customer service experience
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Easy and accurate commissioning
Reliable business relationship manager with useful expertise
Access to expertise that can identify opportunities across the energy value chain

Supply Side.  Demand Side.  Your Side.

  • With decades of experience and expertise, we can aggregate utility incentives, tax benefits, and applicable grant funding for comprehensive solutions that deliver savings.
  • Our customers take advantage of our reach throughout the U.S. We operate in 14 markets, including: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington D.C.
  • ENGIE is committed to carbon neutrality. To help organizations and government entities advance sustainability goals, we offer renewable energy options, including wind and solar power.
  • Brokers, consultants and end-users rely on us to offer a wide range of efficient, cost-effective energy supply solutions. Whether it is a Fixed-Price approach, a Float-Priced plan, a Flex-Priced arrangement or a custom solution, ENGIE North America offers options that take advantage of prevailing business environments and market price movements.
  • We provide the reliability – in service and our offerings – vital to keep our customer operations running smoothly.
  • We partner with brokers and consultants to share insights from top energy experts, transparent pricing and other support to help them build new lines of service and support their customers’ evolving needs.
  • As a provider of both natural gas and electricity in many markets, we offer a dual fuel solution that helps customers simplify the supply chain and lower the cost of procurement and supplier management.

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