Renewable energy is central to the carbon-neutral energy transition

We connect society and companies to clean, affordable, innovative and resilient energy and the infrastructure that supports it. ENGIE North America is accelerating growth of our renewables footprint and, in 2020, added nearly 2 GW of solar and wind power to our existing 1.2 GW portfolio. We will continue to pursue our commitment to sustainable energy with the goal of doubling our capacity again in 2021.

We can make massive gains and ultimately achieve a carbon-neutral world by…

  • Creating and adding clean, renewable energy to the grid through the power of the wind and sun along with storage advances
  • Investing in continuous innovation in renewable energy
  • Partnering with our customers to achieve their green energy goals through renewable and hybrid energy solutions

ENGIE North America is part of the solution to the climate change crisis, and we’re creating jobs, economic opportunities and trusted community and customer partnerships along the way.

Our customers create a more sustainable future with ENGIE North America’s innovative and reliable energy

Our customers rely on us to act with innovation, reliability, and resourcefulness to help them adopt green energy. We’re committed to partnerships that help them achieve their sustainable energy goals.

Customers like Microsoft rely on a hybrid of wind and solar energy to both advance their carbon neutral goals and have access to 24/7 clean energy. We have collaborated with Target on both large-scale renewables and multiple roof-top projects, and with the City of Houston to deploy solar energy to help in its march toward carbon neutrality.

From commercial rooftops to sweeping acres of solar panels or wind turbines, ENGIE North America delivers unique solutions to meet customer goals.

Grid-scale renewables

We’re building and operating wind, solar, and storage projects throughout North America, and added nearly 2 GW of renewable energy to the grid during 2020. We have decades of experience in providing customized energy solutions for our customers nationwide and we deliver commercial scale projects on time and on budget.

Grid Scale
Hayward Solar

Distributed renewables

With hundreds of installations across North America, our distributed renewables practice provides solar and storage solutions at a local scale for customers nationwide – placing renewable energy on site or off site at the heart of the local power distribution system. We develop, build, and operate projects to enable co-ops, utilities, commercial and industrial customers, cities, and communities meet their needs for clean, reliable, and cost-effective power.

Whether we work with our customers on a single renewable energy project, a hybrid of renewable resources, or some combination of wind, solar, or storage, ENGIE North America is the partner that large companies, utilities, municipalities and institutions trust. They rely on ENGIE’s industry-leading financing, technical and project management expertise to deliver customer focused solutions to their organizations.

Ultimately, we satisfy our customers with access to clean, reliable, cost effective and innovative sustainable energy coupled with our thoughtful partnership, innovative approach, and service mentality.

Our top-rated battery-based storage systems support operations 24/7

Battery-based energy storage is an important pillar in the clean energy transition, delivering improved reliability and resilience and creating value to improve cost-efficiency.  We design, deploy, operate, and aggregate advanced battery-based storage solutions for energy producers, distributors, utilities and companies. As the nation’s number one distributed energy storage provider, our relationships with leading manufacturers enable us to offer the best solutions for our customer needs. Learn more

Combining energy sources balances carbon neutrality and reliability

The efficiency and reliability gained by using a hybrid option of multiple renewable energy sources is a growing trend for organizations and public entities committed to carbon neutrality, but with significant need for reliability. These integrated, renewable resources work together to meet customers’ current energy goals. Combined Solar and Storage options are proving increasingly valuable, as are hybrid solutions that pair a traditional energy resource like natural gas with a renewable source like wind or solar. ENGIE has the expertise to help with these connected energy options to meet customer needs. Learn more

ENGIE Prairie Hill Turbine Beauties

Our connection to local communities is rooted in our purpose to build a sustainable future

From corporate buyers to landowners—we prioritize open, honest communication with all our partners. We set realistic expectations on project timelines and maintain strong communication throughout the development, construction, and operation process. Our genuine respect for our partners, our communities, and our planet underpins the work we do every day.

We develop long-term relationships with landowners and surrounding communities when building and operating solar and wind farms, supporting their efforts to act as trusted stewards of the land and of their local communities. We provide community education about renewable energy, our projects hire and train locally, and we offer economic incentives in those communities where we build and operate.

Our renewable energy projects provide a new crop to farmers and ranchers; sustain land stewardship.

Renewable energy is at the heart of the energy transition. It’s unlimited, clean and economically attractive with very limited environmental impact. It provides benefits to local communities in the forms of jobs and local economic investment. Wind turbines are often built on farms or ranches where landowners continue farming most of the land.  They provide an additional source of revenue — a “crop” of clean, renewable energy. Because we own and operate our wind farms beyond construction and commissioning, we develop long-term, respected relationships with landowners, and take seriously our role as trusted stewards of the land. Learn more 

Our solar projects harness the power of the sun to create reliable, powerful energy that is efficient, reduces carbon emissions, lowers costs for customers, and adds economic value to area residents and landowners. We can often connect directly into the local distribution grid or provide opportunities for community-based projects. Our long-term commitment to develop, build, and operate projects means we are part of the local community for the long term. Learn more 

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See how we develop and provide innovative and reliable green energy

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Award-winning battery-based storage that solves renewable energy intermittency.
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We harness the sun's power with large, grid-scale solar farms and small on-site installations.
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We develop, own, and operate large-scale wind energy projects throughout North America.
We put our energy into creating stronger communities.