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Achieving growth through Planet, People, and Profit

At ENGIE, our purpose is accelerating the transition toward a carbon-neutral economy through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. This purpose brings together the company, its employees, clients, and shareholders, and connects economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet.

We are convinced that the common good is good for business. Our role as a leader in the carbon-neutral transition is to show that focusing on the planet and people creates long-term value, and combining performance and profitability with the common good is possible.

This belief – that social and ecological performance are just as important as traditional financial performance – is at the core of our strategy to pioneer the zero carbon transition. The three Ps – planet, people, and profit – are the fundamental ways in which we illustrate that commitment.

  • For the planet, we consider the climate change emergency in all business activities.
  • For the people, we take into account the wellbeing of our employees and the impact on companies, supplies, communities, and society as a whole into the company’s choices.
  • For profit, we aim to be the world leader in the zero carbon energy transition, helping both our company and our customers become more profitable through greater efficiency and lower costs.

ENGIE is Shaping the Carbon-Neutral Transition

ENGIE is working to accelerate sustainable energy solutions in North America with simplified strategies that deliver guaranteed outcomes. These programs give customers the ability to focus resources on core business priorities, achieving capital flexibility with minimal balance sheet impact while reaching infrastructure, efficiency, renewable, and sustainable objectives with greater predictability in energy costs.


Our first priority is to track and measure the carbon footprint of our operations and the emissions we help our customers avoid through efficiency services and renewable energy assets."

Paula Sacks

Senior Vice President, ENGIE North America

ENGIE North America’s Environmental Impact Data

Renewable energy capacity
37% in generation portfolio
Renewable assets
3,313 GWh in portfolio
Avoided emissions
920,585 MT CO2e from renewable energy assets
Avoided emissions
28,620 MT CO2e from efficiency services (with performance contracts)
ENGIE Group’s 2030 Objectives for the Planet
ENGIE Group’s 2030 Objectives for the Planet

Energy is at the heart of human progress. As we are aware of our impact on the environment, ENGIE puts the planet at the foundation of its business strategy. And  harmonizes growth with critical priorities that benefit the common good and create long-term value that can be shared by all.

Our global objectives:

  • 62% reduction of ghg emissions from production of electricity by 2030
  • 34% reduction of ghg emissions from gas and other commodity sales by 2030
  • 58% share of renewable energy in the electric capacity mix by 2030
  • net 0 decarbonization of our activities
  • 100% decarbonization of our preferred suppliers
ENGIE Group’s 2030 Objectives for People
ENGIE Group’s 2030 Objectives for People

Thinking about the planet also means thinking about people. That’s why ENGIE strives to be more inclusive and works to shape a sustainable future where everyone benefits from strategies that reduce energy consumption and speed the carbon-neutral transition.

Our global objectives:

  • Less than 2.9 frequency rate of accidents by 2030
  • Greater than .75 health and safety prevention rate by 2030
  • 100% share of employees with annual training by 2030
  • 50% share of women in the management by 2030
  • 100 gender equity index score by 2030
We want to make sure that the lessons from the COVID-19 crisis are heard: as this global crisis exposes the vulnerabilities of mankind, we must make sure another global crisis is avoided. Strong action against climate change is imperative. And we are well positioned to contribute to this fight."

Romain Reboux

Director of CSR and Sustainability

Download the 2019 Sustainability Report
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