Working @ ENGIE

People talk about climate change.

But when you work at ENGIE North America, you do something about it.

Commit to #ActWithENGIE

In joining ENGIE North America, you make a pact to:

  • Commit to accelerate the transition to a responsible, sustainable, and inclusive economy.
  • Connect to a community that challenges things and invents tomorrow, and
  • Grow in a group that gives everyone the means to be oneself, to better meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We promote a new model of society that balances economic performance, human progress, and respect for the environment

At ENGIE North America, it is our purpose to shape a sustainable future. Our team of approximately 1,500 employees lead the way to a cleaner, greener planet by advancing the energy transition to achieve a carbon-neutral world.

We are a pioneering team that believes in another way of producing, distributing and consuming energy.

When we come to work each day at ENGIE North America, we’re inspired by our mission to connect society and companies to clean, affordable, innovative, and resilient energy and the infrastructure that supports it.

Everyone makes contributions to our mission at ENGIE North America — whether you’re a wind or solar farm technician adding more renewable energy to the grid, partnering with our customers to lead major projects, manage their facility or benchmark their carbon savings,  or enabling our company to operate in Information  Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance. We know that it is through the dedicated work of our employees that we achieve our vision to empower vibrant, sustainable businesses and communities for generations to come.

Each of us takes our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world seriously. Individually, we’re deeply committed to our vision, and it shows in our collective actions.

We rely on the power of the collective,
offer everyone the freedom and power to challenge things,
and stand together with everyone who will make tomorrow’s world emerge.

At ENGIE, our culture is defined by our values

  • Bold – act with conviction, dare to try
  • Open – believe in our collective strength
  • Demanding – willing to go the extra mile
  • Caring – build an environment based on trust and respect
Bold, Demanding, Open, Caring

Learn how we're accelerating the transition toward a carbon-neutral economy

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We're on a mission to shape a sustainable future of clean, affordable, resilient energy.
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Diversity & Inclusion
We celebrate diversity and embrace an inclusive culture.
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Safety is our top priority, everywhere, everyday.
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