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We’re serious about health and safety because lives depend on it

At ENGIE North America, safety is our top priority. Everyone takes responsibility for following our “No Life at Risk” policy. We watch out for one another, comply with life-saving rules, practices and procedures, and offer suggestions for continuous improvement to work free from the risk of injuries or accidents.

While the nature of our company’s services means we must remain vigilant in always following safety protocols, during COVID-19, there is additional focus on the use of personal protective equipment, social distancing guidelines, remote working where it is possible, and more.  


ENGIE’s “No Life at Risk” policy is based on four pillars
ENGIE’s “No Life at Risk” policy is based on four pillars
  1. Life Saving Rules: Nine fundamental rules respected by everyone, everywhere.  
  2. The Breakpoint: If you’re not as safe as you could be, say STOP! It’s everyone’s duty for the sake of everyone’s safety. 
  3. Identifying HIPS: A HIPO is an event with high potential for causing death or serious injury. Identifying and analyzing HIPOs contributes directly to preventing risks.  
  4. Shared Vigilance: Employees, subcontractors and temporary workers must be vigilant for each other for their own safety, and that of others.  


This “No Life at Risk” policy is prioritized because above all else, we want to ensure our employees return safely home to their loved ones at the end of the workday.   

This policy in evident everywhere, every day, in every way, at ENGIE North America   

It’s in the safety visits that our CEO conducts at a wind park under construction, it’s discussed in every employee town hall meeting, it’s at the construction sites as employees conduct their daily safety plan, don their hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility clothes and cut resistant gloves.  Health & Safety is engrained in all we do, it’s engrained in how we think and act.

Nine elements of safety reinforce the pillars and build a culture that is rewarded by

injury-free execution of work

  1. Visible leadership 
  2. Site leaders identify risks and plan mitigation  
  3. Strict adherence to ENGIE life-saving rules and personal protective equipment requirements.  
  4. Workforce supervisors are critical influencers in safe project execution  
  5. No plan – No work!  
  6. See it – own it!  
  7. Lone worker safety  
  8. Urgent and effective management of incidents and injuries as well as worker compensation claims  
  9. Contractor prequalification and oversight 

Measurement is an integral part of our method

Construction Hours
3.5 Million in COVID-Conditions
Loss-time incidents
Top 25% among peers
Lost time for incidents
Nearly .20 in September 2020

Preventing accidents is our priority. Our target is always zero serious or fatal accidents.                    

At ENGIE North America, we are in the top quartile relative to competitors in recordable and loss time incidents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The approach we take to put “No Life at Risk” works – it’s proven in the continuous drops in loss time incident rates and total incidents reported. 

In fact, as of September 2020, we successfully completed more than 3.5 million construction hours under COVID conditions, while we brought our lost time accident frequency rate and medical treatment frequency rates down.  

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