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We put our energy and resources into creating stronger communities

Caring is one of our core values. By creating a climate of positive change in the communities we serve, we live our purpose to shape a sustainable future.

We consider climate change an emergency and commit to act on the problem through our investments, time and talent, and dollars

  • Invest in green technology incubators like Greentown Labs, which helps cleantech and energy-focused entrepreneurs rapidly grow their startup companies. Technology innovators like Promethean Power Systems – which invented a thermal battery that helps dairy farmers in India keep milk chilled – have an impact on sustainability in communities around the world. 
  • Act as trusted stewards of the land when we work with landowners to develop wind or solar farms. ENGIE provides a new, reliable revenue stream through this additional “crop” of renewable energy.  
  • Volunteer our time, talents and resources in our local communities to enhance nature conservancies, regional waterways and more.  
  • Double the value of employee contributions to nonprofit organizations that protect our planet through ENGIE North America’s charitable matching gift program
  • Encourage our partners to have a strong commitment to the planet by asking our preferred and major suppliers to participate in an independent sustainability assessment.  

We aim to be the world leader in the low-carbon energy transition, helping our company, our customers, and our communities become more profitable. 

  • Boost local economies through job creation in the renewable energy sector and train staff to grow with our company.  
  • Our sustainable energy and STEM program working with the 20,000-student Hayward Unified School District in California improved the learning environment and will result in capturing $65 million in energy costs.   
  • Help educational institutions save money through renewable energy so they can invest in their students and programs. In 2019, ENGIE’s help resulted in $28.9 million in energy savings for over 100, K-12 institutions and $7.1 million in energy savings for over 16 university campuses.  

Our team of approximately 6,500 employees lead the way to a cleaner, greener planet by advancing the energy transition to achieve a carbon-neutral world. And by working together with our partners, our suppliers, and our communities, we work to reverse climate change, and leave the planet better off than when we inherited it. 

The well-being of our employees, companies, suppliers, communities, and society are central to the actions we take to shape a sustainable future

  • Strive to be increasingly diverse and inclusive within our company to maximize the unique strengths and perspectives of our employees and partners.  ENGIE made a commitment to having women fill 50 percent of management roles across the Group by 2050. In 2020, ENGIE North America led an industry effort with dozens of renewable energy companies making commitments to advance racial justice.  
  • Support internship programs that bring us fresh perspectives and lead to careers in renewable energy. Our partnerships with the University of Iowa, Ohio State University, and Boston University, among others, help these institutions meet sustainability goals and improve research and student retention.    
  • Advance a supplier diversity program which ensures a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for our business.  Supplier diversity plays an important role in our strategy that allows us to better serve our customers, strengthen our diverse, inclusive and innovative culture, and promote local economic growth.   
  • Provide charitable donations to help organizations and individuals in need. In 2020, we contributed to a variety of community relief programs in New York, Texas and California to immediately provide relief to communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.  
  • Promote STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics in k-12 education.

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Our purpose is accelerating the transition toward a carbon-neutral economy.
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We reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint; improve lives.
Cities & Communities
We develop and provide innovative and reliable green energy.
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When you work at ENGIE North America, you do something about climate change. Join us!
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