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Our COVID-19 Response

Date: 06/26/2020

During this unprecedented time, ENGIE North America is committed to the safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers and communities. Our COVID-19 response team is meeting daily, taking responsive action across all areas of business to adjust to and meet employee and customer needs.

  • Mobilizing more than 1,000 people safely every day to manage supply chains and business operations, ensure operational reliability, and continue providing 24/7 service to our customers.
  • Providing consultative insights to our customers via our engineering and analytics experts to help customers with power reliability, cost/bill management, and site management.
  • Leveraging our academic collaboration teams to produce Science related video content for schools’ customers to augment at-home learning — a mini ENGIE University for our customers.


We’re proud to share stories of how our employees are making a difference supporting our customers who are helping our health care heroes and communities through the crisis.

New York City

At the beginning of the crisis, our team at Unity mobilized electricians to help increase capacity for patient intensive care for two hospitals in NYC. At Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island and North Central Bronx Hospital, Unity is ensuring the newly adapted space is powered and set up for ICU patient care, which includes enabling the use of ventilator equipment. Find out more.

Our Donnelly Mechanical team is installing oxygen lines to 475 more beds in the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens that has been converted into a temporary hospital to meet the needs for overflow hospital space in treating the coronavirus. Find out more.

Donnelly Mechanical is doing similar work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard installing oxygen lines for up to 500 beds. Find out More.

Our Unity Team is completing electrical configuration work at Lincoln Hospital in the South of Bronx while it triples the number of intensive care beds. As the only public hospital in the South Bronx, Lincoln Hospital is dramatically expanding its intensive care unit space from 34 beds to more than 140 beds to accommodate coronavirus patients. Find out more.

The Unity Team continues to help complete additional electrical configuration work to expand intensive care capacity at North Central Bronx Hospital. Find out more.


Our Conti team provided electrical services to transform Detroit’s TCF Center into a 1000-bed field hospital for non-critical coronavirus patients. Find out more.


Our teams continue to operate the utility system for five Harvard-affiliated hospitals. Five world-renowned Harvard-affiliated hospitals rely on ENGIE, through the Longwood MATEP (Medical Area Total Energy Plant) team to provide safe, reliable and continuous supply of electricity, steam and chilled water — critical services for the hospital clinicians and support staff who are providing extraordinary treatment and care to their patients. Find out more.


Our Conti team is providing engineering and communication solutions to convert a facility in Reno, Nevada to a ventilator manufacturing environment. Find out more.

Northeastern U.S.

ENGIE’s air balancing teams from H.T. Lyons, Inc. worked with three hospitals to install over 100 terminal high-efficiency particulate air units and prepare regular patient rooms for COVID-19 treatment. Find out more.


Our Conti team helped Ford Motor Company to set up a production line to manufacture life-saving ventilators. Joining the autoworkers, a team of electrical and mechanical workers from our contracting company, Conti, helped Ford Motor Company prepare its production line in Ypsilanti, Michigan for manufacturing 50,000 ventilators within 100 days, and up to 30,000 per month thereafter. Indicon, also part of ENGIE, supplied needed components and engineering expertise. Find out more.


Our Conti team is involved in an Emergency Ventilator Project for General Motors (GM). A team of electrical and mechanical workers from our contracting company, Conti, provides resources to convert an existing General Motors facility in Kokomo, Indiana to produce 200,000 life-saving respirators. General Motors has identified the process plan by working with an existing respirator manufacturer, Ventec Life Systems (GM’s facility and process is expected to increase output 14x versus that facility, comparatively). Conti’s work includes facility upgrades to provide a “clean room” environment for production and installation of specialty equipment and tooling to perform the tasks. Find out more.

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