At ENGIE, we’re serious about health and safety because lives depend on it. Everyone takes responsibility for following our No Life at Risk, No Mind at Risk and No Asset at Risk policies. We watch out for one another; comply with life-saving rules, practices and procedures; and offer suggestions for continuous improvement with a goal to work free from the risk of injuries or accidents.

No Life at Risk

This No Life at Risk policy is prioritized because – above all else – we want to ensure our employees return safely home to their loved ones at the end of the workday. To do so, we focus on four pillars:

Life Saving Rules

Life Saving Rules

Nine fundamental rules respected by everyone, everywhere.

Identifying HIPOs Technicians

Identifying HIPOs

A HIPO is an event with high potential for causing death or serious injury. Identifying and analyzing HIPOs contributes directly to preventing risks.

Shared Vigilance

Shared Vigilance

Employees, subcontractors and temporary workers must be vigilant for each other for their own safety, and that of others.  Employees are evaluated based only on performance results, leadership, potential, behaviors and competencies.

The Breakpoint

The Breakpoint

If you’re not as safe as you could be, say STOP! It’s everyone’s duty for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Nine elements of safety ensure a culture that is rewarded by injury-free execution of work

Visible Leadership iconVisible leadership

Design Build conSite leaders identify risks and plan mitigation

Safety Gear iconStrict adherence to ENGIE life-saving rules and personal protective equipment requirements

People Connection iconWorkforce supervisors are critical influencers in safe project execution

Stop Work iconNo plan – No work!

Construction Communication iconSee it – own it!

Worker Inside Gear iconLone worker safety

Construction Laptop iconUrgent and effective management of incidents and injuries as well as worker compensation claims

Balance iconContractor prequalification and oversight

No Mind at Risk

The mind is a vital component of health. We promote wellbeing at work by preventing risks related to the performance of activities and helping to prevent psychosocial risks through 4 key pillars:

Managerial Construction

Managerial Mindset

Strengthening the managerial dimension of wellbeing at work.

Health Safety Engineer Valves

Impact Control

Helping to control the impact of physical and mental health on workplace safety.

Monitor Personnel

Personnel risk management

Identifying and controlling risks linked to the variability of people.

Health Safety Solar Inspection

Organizational risk management

Identifying and controlling risks associated with adaptation and organizational variability.

To ensure No Mind is at Risk, in addition to vacation, sick leave and holidays, we provide short and long-term disability, access to Employee Assistance Programs, and our Well OnTarget initiative to ensure that our employee’s mental health is taken care of.

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No Asset at Risk

We ensure process safety is a key measure to preventing risks related to the industrial process of asset construction and operation through 3 key pillars:

Health Safety Engineers Tunnel

Sharing best practices

Developing systematic sharing of “Returns on Experience” – results of root cause analysis performed on HIPO events – and best practices.

Health Safety Monitor CHP Engineer

Monitoring industrial risks

Remaining vigilant in monitoring industrial risks induced by our new activities and newly ingrained entities.

Health Safety Harness

Strengthening Standards

Strengthening the shared standards of process for safety management.

Actions speak louder than words

Preventing accidents is our priority. Our target is always zero serious or fatal accidents. ENGIE is in the top quartile relative to competitors in recordable and lost-time incidents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The approach we take to put No Life at Risk, No Mind at Risk and No Asset at Risk works – it’s proven in the continuous drops in loss time incident rates and total incidents reported.

Number of

0 – Lost Time Injury
0 – Restricted Work Day Cases


When you work at ENGIE in North America, you’ll help accelerate the transition toward a carbon-neutral economy!

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