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Guidehouse Insights Names ENGIE as a Top Three Leader in Energy as a Service

Date: 03/26/2021

Guidehouse Insights names ENGIE a top three Leader in Energy as a Service. The Guidehouse Insights report assesses the competitive landscape for Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions. ENGIE has been selected based on company vision, go-to-market strategy, technology and pricing, among other criteria.


Eaas Leaders Guildhouse


EaaS solutions are uniquely positioned to meet customers’ sustainability needs by transferring risk and including guarantees in the contract, simplifying operations, and ensuring a comprehensive and flexible technology solution.  

Companies are increasingly setting ambitious carbon targets and looking for partners to help them meet these goals by providing comprehensive technology expertise, advisory and other services, and no-CAPEX low cost financing.  

The financing element of EaaS, which focuses on OPEX-based payments rather than the use of CAPEX or debt, has been emerging as a critical value proposition of EaaS in a time of financial uncertainty and reluctance to spend CAPEX or take on debt for non-core elements of business. 

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