Our Presence

Regional Footprint

ENGIE provides clean, safe, and reliable energy production and delivery and integrated energy infrastructure management and consumption reduction tools and products in the United States and Canada.

The Group’s electricity and natural gas operations in the United States include the competitive energy markets in New England, New York, Texas, and the region from northern Illinois through Ohio and the mid-Atlantic states. In Canada, ENGIE operates an expansive wind and solar power portfolio in Ontario, the Maritimes and British Columbia.

In the energy services sector, ENGIE helps commercial, industrial and municipal customers across the United States and Canada run their facilities more efficiently and optimize energy use and expense.

United States

In the United States, ENGIE provides businesses, institutions, public entities and utilities with power and a suite of electricity plans and energy reduction products; ENGIE’s consumer brand Think Energy® serves residential and small business electricity customers. In energy services, ENGIE’s expertise includes energy conservation and cost-savings opportunities via energy usage and reduction technology products and facilities management. The company also provides financial analysis, structuring and funding for on-site energy infrastructure as well as the project’s design, engineering and construction.


ENGIE’s renewable generation footprint in Canada has long illustrated the Group’s commitment to the development of clean energy production and a collective responsibility to future generations.

In energy services, through the operation, maintenance and commitment to energy performance improvement, ENGIE also offers integrated management solutions to commercial building systems, airports, data centers, district energy systems and industrial sector facilities.

L’empreinte de la production d’énergie renouvelable au Canada illustre depuis longtemps l’engagement du Groupe envers le développement d’une production d’énergie émettant moins de carbone et une responsabilité collective envers les générations futures.

Dans les services énergétiques, par l’exploitation, la maintenance et l’engagement pour une amélioration de la performance énergétique, ENGIE offre également des solutions de gestion intégrée pour les systèmes de bâtiments commerciaux, les aéroports, les centres de données, les systèmes énergétiques de quartier et les installations du secteur industriel.