To take action together, every day counts! Our new campaign explained…

The new campaign reaffirms our purpose, our positioning and our commitment to the energy transition. Deliberately offbeat and rock n' roll, it draws its strength from the children's abounding energy. Let’s take a closer look.

All about our new campaign

The film, which was made by Vincent Lobelle (Publicis), transports us into the joyful, carefree world of children – for the most part, children of Group employees – who are full of energy and ready to conquer the world. ENGIE uses this positive and cheerful metaphor, to the tune of a Ramones hit, to remind us all of the climate emergency and the Group’s commitment to developing renewable, low-carbon energy for everyone (regions, companies, industry, citizens).

To demonstrate employee commitment to the energy transition, ENGIE decided to cast children of Group employees in its new film. Over a hundred employees came forward to sign up their children for the casting. Ten were chosen to star in the film.

1 film, 4 commitments 

Our promotional film shows the energy of a group that wants to accelerate the energy transition. A group committed to Net Zero Carbon and focusing on collaboration… and every day counts when it comes to meeting this great challenge!

Net Zero Carbon

Our aim, presented by our CEO Catherine MacGregor at the Strategic Update on 18 May 2021, it to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2045. To meet this challenge, we are refocusing on our four core businesses: renewable energy, client solutions, networks, and thermal production and energy supply. Meanwhile, we are accelerating growth in renewables with a target of 80 GW of installed capacity by 2030.


Our corporate purpose guides the actions of our 170,000 employees, who are all committed to accelerating the energy transition. Fully aware of the climate emergency, ENGIE employees commit day after day to innovating, designing, creating and delivering low-carbon solutions to our clients. For this campaign, some of our employees wanted to demonstrate their commitment by involving their children in the film.

Every day counts

The climate emergency is at the heart of all current concerns, and, at ENGIE, we want to reassert our role as an accelerator, to lead the energy transition. We know that every day counts. In fact, our action has been in line with the fight against climate change. Now, more than ever before, we are cutting our carbon footprint: 52% reduction in CO2 emissions in electricity production compared with 2012. In 2020, we helped our clients avoid emissions of 21Mt CO2e. And we’re not stopping there! We are stepping up our decarbonization goal by following a well below 2 degrees climate trajectory to target 45Mt CO2e avoided by our clients by 2030.


By combining its efforts and expertise, particularly alongside its employees, partners and stakeholders, ENGIE is adopting a collaborative approach to lead the transition. Within the company, by introducing new ways of working. Outside the company, by supporting businesses in their decarbonization process and business model transformation, through a partnership approach.

Examples of partnerships
By combining our energies, we can take action together so that every day counts

Anglo American
ENGIE x Anglo American
How is ENGIE using green hydrogen to decarbonize the energy sector?
ENGIE x Anglo American
LOreal Brazil
ENGIE x L'Oréal - Brazil
How is ENGIE supporting L'Oréal in its transition to carbon neutrality?
ENGIE x L'Oréal - Brazil
City of Berlin
ENGIE x City of Berlin
Transforming a former industrial site in Berlin into a smart district.
ENGIE x City of Berlin
Fleury Michon
ENGIE x Fleury Michon
How can waste be recovered on site transformed into energy?
ENGIE x Fleury Michon