ENGIE North America signs SEIA pledge against forced labor: Reinforces commitment to human rights

ENGIE North America has signed the Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) Forced Labor Prevention Pledge – joining more than 150 organizations in opposition to forced labor within the solar supply chain.

The pledge states our firm opposition to the use of forced labor within the solar supply chain and reinforces our commitment to human rights, while raising awareness of this critical industry issue within the industry

ENGIE has always rejected all forms of forced, compulsory, or child labor. Such abhorrent practices have never had any place at the company in any way, and ENGIE rigorously validates key suppliers we work with to ensure they satisfy a strict code of conduct.

As ENGIE continues to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, we are proud of our commitment to always uphold human rights on a global scale. Every employee, customer and partner who works with ENGIE can be assured the company has a zero-tolerance policy on the issue of forced labor.

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