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BKV and ENGIE will collaborate on the sale and purchase of natural gas and associated Carbon Sequestered Credits, a new measured, third-party verified, carbon sequestered product. This innovative arrangement brings together two industry leaders dedicated to addressing climate change.  

BKV will deliver ENGIE physical natural gas, as well as an equivalent amount of gas tokens that represent the environmental attributes associated with both responsibly sourced gas (RSG) production and capturing carbon dioxide from the gas stream and injecting it into a permitted facility owned by BKV. The CO2 sequestration project underpinning this transaction is BKV’s Barnett Zero project, located in Bridgeport, Texas. The CO2 capture and sequestration will be third-party certified.  

We are proud to work with BKV in its development of innovative, differentiated gas products that are key to ensuring the role that natural gas can play as part of the energy transition. This transaction is representative of our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to limit the environmental impact of its activities. Additionally, Carbon-Sequestered Gas represents an opportunity for end-users to purchase measured and verified differentiated natural gas that is certified and registered using blockchain technology. We believe this level of transparency and trust is critical for the energy transition.  

To see the full press release, go to >> https://bkv.com/news/bkv-engie-press-release-carbon-sequestered-gas

HOUSTON – Rhythm Energy, Inc. (“Rhythm”) a leading green energy technology company in the residential electricity space, is pleased to announce that it has secured a working capital facility from ENGIE Energy Marketing NA, Inc. (“ENGIE”), an affiliate of ENGIE North America Inc., a leader in the Net Zero energy transition.  This collaboration will accelerate Rhythm’s mission to provide 100% renewable energy solutions to its customers across the country.

By offering innovative products, services and digital experiences, Rhythm is at the forefront of making the future of energy easy and cost-effective for residential customers.  Rhythm’s commitment to clean energy is strategically aligned with ENGIE’s vision of creating efficient, long-term, carbon-reducing solutions that support customers through their renewable and low-carbon energy transition.

“We are thrilled to have ENGIE’s support as we continue our rapid growth, and market leadership towards a net-zero emissions future,” said PJ Popovic, CEO at Rhythm. “With electricity demand rising and constantly evolving in the context of the energy transition, there is an increasing need for innovative, consumer-focused solutions.”

The ENGIE facility will allow us to focus on continued development of our next-generation energy platform, which is already enjoyed by a rapidly growing number of customers.  We will deliver unique, modern energy products, promote sustainable use through data and automation, and lead the energy transition,” said PJ Popovic.

“We are delighted to support Rhythm’s mission to promote renewable energy in the residential electricity sector,” said Ken Robinson, President at ENGIE. “Rhythm’s strong track record of technology leadership and innovative approach in the renewable energy space make them an ideal partner as we collectively work towards accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral world.”




About Rhythm

Rhythm is empowering a greener future by offering 100% renewable energy plans across the nation. Founded in February 2020, Rhythm is already one of the highest-rated and fastest-growing energy providers in Texas. An award-winning company that’s truly centered around the customer and their experience, Rhythm is spreading good energy, one electricity plan at a time. Learn more at www.GotRhythm.com.


About ENGIE S.A.

ENGIE S.A. is a global leader in low-carbon energy and services. With its 96,000 employees, its customers, partners and stakeholders, the Group is committed to accelerate the transition toward a carbon-neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. Inspired by its purpose (“raison d’être”), ENGIE reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet, building on its key businesses (gas, renewable energy, services) to offer competitive solutions to its customers. ENGIE S.A. (ENGI), is listed on the Paris and Brussels Stock Exchanges.

In North America, ENGIE companies have delivered integrated, innovative energy solutions to public and private organizations for nearly half a century. We employ approximately 3,000 people focused on enabling our customers to become more sustainable and achieve their decarbonization targets through expert project delivery and competitive solutions. For more information on ENGIE in North America, please visit our LinkedIn page or Twitter feed, https://www.engie-na.com/ and https://www.engie.com.


Media Contacts: 

Rhythm Energy: JP Campione, press@gotrhythm.com

ENGIE North America:  Michael Clingan, michael.clingan@external.engie.com, (832) 745-6057