What constituents expect: modern energy infrastructures, efficient operations, and the achievement of environmental goals

Drawing on nearly 50 years of operational experience in the public sector, ENGIE North America designs and builds energy programs that meet these expectations.

Serving a broad range of public sector organizations, ENGIE incorporates advanced, proven technology into turnkey, performance-guaranteed solutions and services. Customers across the public domain testify to the collaborative nature of their projects with ENGIE, which have resulted in improvements in efficiency, resiliency, sustainability, and community leadership.

University Study

Sectors We Serve

  • K-12 and Community College Education
  • Higher Education
  • State and Local Government
  • Federal Government
  • Hospitals and Medical Research Centers

Respected communities and institutions in all these sectors have partnered with ENGIE:

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ENGIE has come to us as collaborator, as an innovator, as the most important deliverer of the source of energy to keep us going every minute of every day. Every dollar we save by making energy efficient and cost-effective, we’ll be able to [use to] support the children and their care.”
Sandi Fenwick
CEO, Boston Children’s Hospital

Leverage ENGIE’s proven capabilities and expertise to successfully achieve your goals

  • Energy efficiency/cost reduction
  • Facility and regional infrastructure modernization to improve health, safety, and productivity
  • Energy resiliency for disaster recovery
  • Transportation electrification (eMobility)
  • Climate impact and action
Salinas UHSD Alisa lHS

ENGIE partners with you every step of the way

  • Program development and planning
  • Technology-agnostic design and engineering
  • Project financing and structure
  • Construction
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Monitoring, measurement, verification, and continuous commissioning
  • Community engagement and academic collaborations (STEAM/STEM)

ENGIE is an accredited member of the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO).

With ENGIE’s comprehensive, turnkey approach,
you have a single source of responsibility
at every stage of the project

[W]e have been able to transform our schools with dynamic infrastructure improvements that enhance the learning environment and put money back into our General Fund for other classroom needs. With meaningful alignment with STEAM opportunities tied to our program, these upgrades produce positive dividends for our students in multiple ways.”
Dr. Matt Wayne
Superintendent, Hayward Unified School District
Hayward Unified School District

Sustainable energy and more

Hayward Unified School District, a school district in the San Francisco Bay Area, embarked on an energy modernization program with ENGIE, which included solar power generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and EV charging for staff and students. Here are some of the expected benefits:

  • $65 million in General Fund savings over the life of the program
  • Ability to generate 90% of the district’s needs, through the production of 8,100,000 kWh in the first year
  • Reduced peak demand charges, optimized facility energy usage, and maximized utility savings
  • Overall environmental benefits equivalent to removing 1,153 cars from the road annually

The project also provided an opportunity to enhance students’ understanding of climate issues—and expose them to STEAM careers—through direct engagement with the science behind the sustainability project.

Minimize risk with robust assurances
backed by the global leader in energy services

ENGIE begins each project with a thorough opportunity assessment, often including an investment-grade audit, to understand your facility’s needs.

Public-sector customers have a variety of options for contracting with ENGIE. Among these are energy service contracts and power purchase agreements (PPAs), which include all phases of development and installation, plus operations and maintenance. Best-in-class warranties and performance guarantees reduce risk and provide peace of mind. ENGIE’s performance-based assurances also cover measurement and verification services with a commitment to deliver clear evidence of project results.

A major part of our climate action plan is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040. To do that, the first major step is the power purchase agreement, which will effectively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 53%. That’s huge.”
Dennis Carlberg
Associate Vice President for University Sustainability, Boston University

Confirm your institution’s energy leadership by tapping into ENGIE’s broad range of technologies

Solar PV and other renewable generation systems

Battery-based storage systems

EV charging infrastructure

Heating and cooling systems

Water distribution systems

Energy-efficient and smart lighting

Building/systems automation and controls

Ohio State University

The Ohio State University pioneers a new model for energy innovation

With an ambitious goal to become an international pioneer in sustainability, The Ohio State University has pioneered a new model for energy innovation through a 50-year integrated solutions agreement with Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP). A public-private partnership between ENGIE North America and Axium Infrastructure, OSEP addresses the University’s sustainability and energy operations goals. It also funds and guides academic initiatives, such as an energy innovation center and support for scholarships and internships in the realm of energy innovation. Just a few years into the 50-year partnership, Ohio State has already achieved the following:

  • Improvements in sustainability, beginning with smart metering, lighting upgrades, and various facilities’ utility system upgrades.
  • A high expectation of achieving its goal of 25% energy efficiency improvement within the first 10 years of the partnership.
  • Various academic collaboration programs are already underway to benefit students and faculty, including internships, grants, student sustainability project competitions, and more.

Harvard Medical School and affiliated hospitals are powered by ENGIE

 We deliver a secure, reliable 24/7 supply of electricity, cooling and heating to LMEC member institutions.

Longwood Medical Center, Boston

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