Sypert Branch Solar Project

In developing the Sypert Branch Solar Project, ENGIE is looking to be the best local business and neighbor that we can in Milam County, Texas.  Beyond generating clean, renewable energy, the project will create positive economic and quality of life impacts in the region. All residents should benefit from the project’s investments and tax payments for schools, roads, and community services.

Solar Panel at Sunset


ENGIE hires locally whenever possible, and our renewable energy projects create numerous jobs during project construction and operation. For a solar project of this size, we expect to create up to 400 well-paying jobs during construction and 3 permanent jobs during project operation.

With all our projects, we conduct a competitive bidding process for local contractors in the construction phase of our projects and purchase local goods and services throughout construction and, equally important, over the decades of operation of these facilities.

  • Location: Milam County, TX
  • Status: In Development
  • Acres: 2,000
  • Project MW:  260 MW


  • 260 MW in generation capacity, enough to power an average of approximately 94,000 homes for a year in Central Texas
  • Electricity from the project would feed into the ERCOT (Texas) electric grid, with the majority of the power produced anticipated to serve homes and businesses in Milam, Bell, and Falls counties.
  • Sypert Branch Solar will strengthen Milam County’s tax base by an estimated $26 million over the life of the project, of that amount, approximately $18 million will be paid in school taxes alone.
Hollman Solar Farm from Overhead
Hollman Solar Farm


Several reputable studies have been conducted to determine whether land and/or property values are affected by proximity to a solar farm, and the consensus is positive.

Of note, in a comprehensive review, the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory worked with a flagship Texas university to survey approximately 400 property value assessors nationwide.

Most stated that proximity to a solar installation has either had no impact or a positive impact on home values. Further, since the expected life of the Sypert Branch Solar project is at least 35 years, neighbors can be assured that the project site will not be subdivided into ranchettes or other dense residential developments during the project’s operation.


Safety in our view is an equally important concern, and in looking to build the Sypert Branch Solar Project, we do so with a long-term accountability and commitment to Milam County.

The safe construction and operation of the project – in support of our neighbors, the community at large, and our employees – is our number one priority.

With respect to the equipment itself, solar panels, which are designed to withstand severe weather over their useful life of at least years, are safe to touch, attach to your home, or have installed in your neighborhood.

Solar panels mainly consist of silicon (which essentially is quartz, the main ingredient in glass), aluminum, copper, and other common materials. Solar farms also use steel racks to position panels, electrical cable, and inverters and electric transformers to deliver power to the grid. All of this equipment has proven safe to use and contains the same materials that are found in household appliances.

Meanwhile, decades down the road, solar panels and the related equipment are easy to disassemble if needed, and the majority of their components can be recycled if they can’t otherwise be repaired – up to 90-95% — all while doing no harm to the land.

Agawam PanelMediums Field with Sun Overhead


We value being part of the local community, and with this focus in mind, have made charitable giving, volunteerism, and concern for the environment inherent in our work to building relationships of trust.

Our community sponsorships primarily focus on:

  • Children’s Health and Education
  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
  • Community Culture and Well Being

We’ve worked with educators to provide scholarships, improve classroom facilities, develop students’ community values, and fund courses that incorporate arts and culture to stimulate new perspectives on math and science.

We’ve dug in to enhance nature conservancies and regional waterways and sponsored educational, immersive nature expeditions for underserved youth.

We’ve donated to, and volunteered at, local food banks to support neighbors who need a helping hand while also contributing to county fairs which play such a vital role in local culture and pride.


Local communities all over Texas and the U.S. have chosen to have solar farms, like our Sypert Branch Solar Project, to be a part of their landscape.

Their clean, quiet, autonomous operation, combined with the substantial new revenue they bring to the local area make them an excellent option for communities to maintain a peaceful environment while enhancing their economic opportunities and quality of life.

Hollman Solar from Ground Perspective

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