King Plains wind project in Oklahoma

King Plains Turbine Beauties


King Plains is sited in a rural area where large-scale energy projects bring much needed economic development, including short- and long-term employment as well as tax benefits to the local community. The project location is in North Central Oklahoma near the town of Garber. King Plains is currently in construction and will consist of 88 – GE 2.82 MW wind turbines along with associated access roads, and underground electrical collection system.

  • Location: Garfield & Noble Counties, Oklahoma
  • Status: Operational
  • COD: September 2020
  • Project MW: 248.2 MW
  • Customer: Walmart and Bekaert
Wind - King Plains

Project Details

Real Estate

  • Over 15,000 acres of land under long-term lease, including all planned wind turbine, collection lines, and access roads
  • No overhead transmission line required


  • Generator Interconnection Agreement executed in August 2019
  • The Point of Interconnection will be the existing Sooner to Woodring 345 kV line.

Environment and Permitting


  • Full wildlife site characterization studies completed per U.S. Fish & Wildlife Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines
  • No significant biological constraints identified
  • No incidental take or eagle take permits required


  • No discretionary permits required
  •  Ministerial permits for construction of project are currently being obtained
  • FFAA Determinations of No Hazard have been obtained. No discretionary permits required
  • Ministerial permits for construction of project are currently being obtained
Wind - King Plains
Stacking the Tower
Stacking the tower
Foundations are laid
Foundations are laid
Wind turbines under construction
Wind turbines under construction

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