Wholesale energy marketing

We provide physical market access, hedging solutions, and asset management solutions to wholesale gas and power customers in North America. Energy marketing represents ENGIE’s global energy management business in North America, and leverages ENGIE’s global expertise in supply and optimization of energy to maximize value for our customers.
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Energy marketing in North America

  • Energy marketing represents  ENGIE’s global energy management business in North America.
  • We provide physical market access, hedging solutions, and asset management solutions to wholesale gas and power customers.
  • Leverage ENGIE’s global expertise in supply and optimization of energy, we maximize value for our customers.
  • We are based in Houston and cover all major power and gas markets in the U.S., together with LNG, environmental products and asset management services.
  • Contact us at EEMNA@engie.com or at 713-636-1700

We support each client across the entire energy value chain

Our solutions are each designed to meet specific needs of your industry:

  • Energy Producers
  • Governmental & Local Authorities
    (or active energy consumers, they both consume and produce energy)
  • Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds & Trading Houses
  • Utilities & Load Serving Entities
  • Renewable Asset Developers
  • Corporates & downstream industrial clients
  • Energy Prosumers
Dispatching In Brussels
Paris Dispatching

Our markets and activities


We are active in ERCOT, NYISO, ISO-NE, PJM, MISO, SPP, and IESO,  providing market access and delivering generation energy management services across these regions.

Renewable Solutions

As a global leader in low-carbon energy and services, we provide you a wide range of energy transition solutions to make the neutral-carbon transition possible: power optimization agreements for green energy producers, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Battery Storage services, risk management services and support for managing the physical production of energy. Our power supply services help industrial consumers and load serving entities source renewable energy directly from renewable energy projects with high visibility of market prices.

The possibilities are exciting, even in the midst of economically challenging circumstances. We help you achieve your sustainable energy ambitions, whatever their scope or scale.
A unique 24/7 renewable supply for a Microsoft data center

In September 2019, ENGIE and Microsoft announced a market-first 15-year renewable energy supply transaction in Texas. Along with the construction of new wind and solar renewable projects in Texas and the sale of the associated power and Renewable Energy Certificates to Microsoft, ENGIE pioneered by adding an energy hedge (called a Volume Firming Agreement), which converts the intermittent renewable energy supply into a fixed, 24/7 baseload power profile for Microsoft’s San Antonio data center. See full story here.

Renewables expertise


  • Pricing of PPAs, Green power supply, Short- and Long-Term Hedges
  • Provision of market access and dispatch / bidding / settlement services
  • Provide environmental credit hedges for the renewable space
  • Battery & Storage off-take via Engie Load Serving Entities
  • Compliance Support


  • Active market participation with both existing and developing wind and solar farms
  • ENGIE’s global focus on expanding renewable generation portfolio, with 9GW additional renewable generation coming online in 2019-2021


  • Broad & experienced group of talented origination, trading, and assetmanagement staff

    o Long-term relationships with all major markets, major independent operators, power generation facilities, and REPs

Retail Supply and Market Access

We provide a range of solutions to allow Retail Providers, Power Generators, Gas Producers, and others in the energy space the ability to hedge and transact in the wholesale power, gas, and renewable energy certificate and ISO markets.

  •  A Full-Service desk to Retailers looking for a long-term Supplier partnership.
  •  A major player in both the upstream and downstream segments to offer timely and accurate pricing for its Clients.
  • Strong renewables presence naturally lends to environmental product offerings and solutions for Clients.
  •  A Credit and Payment financing facility that enables Clients to better manage cash needs throughout the year.
  •  Direct and affordable access to ISO offerings.
  •  Excellent service that allows Clients to thrive in a volatile and competitive market landscape.

Energy Management

We provide Energy Management Services for power generation and storage facilities.

Trading in Paris


  • Fully NERC CIP Medium Impact compliant control system and dispatch center
  • Fully maintained and active ICCP connection with ERCOT, PJM, ISO-NE, and SPP
  • Fully staffed 24 hour / 7 day, PJM and NERC certified, real time desk
  • Covering Wind, Solar, Hydro/Pump Storage, Battery, Biomass, Demand Response, Thermal
  • Long standing experience from the management of 10.8 GW of ENGIE assets in the US prior to 2017

Growing generation portfolio under management

Additional ENGIE assets are scheduled to come online, increasing capacity.

GEM Chart
Chart - Trading in Paris


  • Day Ahead Energy/Ancillary Bidding
  • Real Time Energy/Ancillary Bidding
  • Real Time Dispatch and ISO interface
  • Gas Requirement Coordination
  • FTR Bidding
  • Capacity Management
  • Settlement Reconciliation
  • P&L Reporting
  • Outage submittal
  • CAM Administration
  • ISO Data Submittals (e.g. registration, testing, cost, etc.)
  • Compliance Support
  • EQR Submittals
  • Telemetry/Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Monitoring and responding to ISO/Market rule changes

Natural Gas

We are active on all major gas pipelines from Texas to the Northeast. We have storage and transport positions allowing for enhanced management, optimization and hedging of gas positions. We can act both as off-taker for natural gas production or supplier for large gas consumers and power plants, providing structured solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

We operate worldwide while remaining attuned to your local needs

A combination of global reach and strong local presence enables us to offer our diversified clients services tailored to their specific needs. And respond to rapid changes in energy worlds in both mature and developing markets.

  • A global footprint across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US.
  • Activities in more than 50 countries with 8 trading floors in Paris, Brussels, London, Spain, Rome, Houston, Singapore
Map - Trading Activity

ENGIE’s Global Energy Management Solutions

With eight trading platforms ENGIE provides global energy management solutions across the world, covering the full energy mix, serving a wide and diversified client-base: producers, distributors, financial institutions, investors, energy project developers, state entities, infrastructure operators and energy consumers. A combination of global reach and strong local presence enables us to offer these clients services tailored to their specific needs and respond to rapid changes in the energy worlds, whether in mature or emerging markets.

Our energy management offer includes a wide range of services, such as risk management solutions, market access, asset management and optimization, off-take, investment services, physical supply and logistics management, economic research, market analysis, M&A facilitation for energy producers, etc.

Actively supporting our ambition to lead the energy transition worldwide, our experts deliver a wide range of green solutions: Demand-Side Management, power optimization for renewable producers, Power Purchase Agreements, battery storage services for grid operators or local smart grids development, to name a few.

Strongly focused on digitalization, we develop a growing suite of e-services, including digital client platforms, web apps and blockchain services.

Our experts provide tailor-made solutions based on a wide range of savoir-faire in energy management with a strong focus on decarbonation and decentralization.

For more information, see gems.engie.com

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