Green Charge Multi-Unit Install Outdoors

Large and In Charge

With Green Charge Networks joining the ENGIE portfolio, its patented battery system technology that has enabled commercial & industrial customers to reduce their electric bills by 30 percent further amplifies ENGIE’s digital product suite for reducing customers’ resource usage, carbon emissions and energy expenditure.

Launched in 2009, Green Charge has developed a portfolio of 48 MWh of battery storage projects either deployed or under construction across more than 150 U.S. sites.

“With Green Charge, ENGIE immediately gains a strong position in the growing battery storage market in the United States and further develops its offering of load management solutions at customer sites,” said Frank Demaille, President and CEO of the North American business unit of ENGIE. “The company’s stand-alone battery and solar + battery solutions complement our existing offer. In the United States, ENGIE has developed a large customer base across all 50 states. This acquisition will reinforce ENGIE’s strengths and skills in the activities of decentralized energy management, off-grid solutions, and power reliability, which are identified as areas for growth for the company around the world.”

Today in the United States, ENGIE offers a variety of energy efficiency, customized demand response, and renewable solutions to commercial and industrial customers, allowing them to optimize their load requirements and energy-related costs.