Improve Infrastructure Performance

Accelerate business growth and tackle infrastructure resiliency, modernization, and cost management challenges with ENGIE. Simplify your energy strategy and improve profitability and reliability while reducing risk and carbon emissions. Whether you’re confronting issues with unplanned maintenance, uptime requirements, or lack of capital to invest in the energy program, ENGIE can help overcome resource constraints to transform challenges into opportunities with strategies that modernize, optimize, finance, and monetize your assets. Focus on growing your business while we respond to the increasing demands for high performing, resilient infrastructure that supports your operational goals for operational excellence.

Put ENGIE’s process and expertise to work for you

Designing efficient, sustainable systems with proven technologies
Maximizing asset lifecycles with operations and maintenance
Funding systems with contractual performance commitments
Manage risk while developing new revenue streams to reinvest in your business

Simplify your energy strategy with ENGIE’s Energy as a Service™

Mitigate project risks, overcome resource constraints, and alleviate competition for capital to with ENGIE’s Energy as a Service.  Achieve performance objectives and benefit from structured rates and guaranteed outcomes while removing operational risks.

Gain budget certainty and improved cash flow for your business – along with the expertise to modernize and optimize your infrastructure.  Link energy assets to ENGIE’s innovative demand management and energy efficiency capabilities to monetize resources, offsetting expenses or creating new revenue streams.

Central Utility Plants

Central Utility Plants

Comprehensive, full-scale solutions for aging central heating, cooling, and power generation systems for larger buildings and campuses.

Onsite Power Generation & Storage

Distributed energy resources, including combined heat and power or co-generation, tri-generation, onsite solar, battery storage, and other technologies.
Infographic Heating and Cooling

District Heating & Cooling

Networks that distribute hot water or steam and/or chilled water for heating and cooling from one or several centralized production units, integrating advanced digital technologies to ensure performance.


Self-sufficient systems with distributed energy resources that produce power and have the capability to connect and disconnect from the electric grid.

Join the leading customers who have turned to ENGIE for infrastructure solutions

Comprehensive energy capabilities, financial strength, and our low-carbon commitments uniquely position ENGIE to unlock value in energy strategies and transform the potential of your business.  See how other industry leaders have leveraged our global expertise to accelerate their infrastructure objectives. 

Ohio State University

ENGIE x The Ohio State University

As part of Ohio State Energy Partners, ENGIE is tasked with operating the systems that power, heat, and cool Ohio State’s Columbus campus under a 50-year lease of the university’s energy assets. Through its performance guarantees, ENGIE assumes responsibility for the resiliency and reliability of these systems, including uptime commitments from 99.9% for steam to up to 99.996% for electricity.
Read more on our work with Ohio State.

ENGIE x Longwood Medical and Academic Area

ENGIE and Axium Infrastructure acquired the microgrid and district energy system that serves six preeminent Harvard-affiliated healthcare institutions, including Harvard Medical School.  The 33-year partnership includes operation of the utility system, supply procurement, sustainability, and asset modernization to support the 213-acre campus.
Read more on our work with Longwood Medical and Academic Area.
Longwood Medical and Academic Area

ENGIE x Arkema

In 2006, Arkema decided to focus on its core business and invited ENGIE to define a project to reduce energy consumption and improve carbon performance of the Villers-Saint-Paul Chemical Park, located just north of Paris. We focused on modernizing key utilities, in particular steam, to boost efficiency with a new steam boiler room and network. Today, ENGIE’s teams are responsible for producing and distributing all industrial gasses on the site, such as compressed air, look after the park’s entire electrical distribution grid, and manage water supply and treatment.

Cost Reductions
Cost Reductions
Mitigate market risks, improve budget certainty, and optimize performance.
Cost Reductions
Carbon Reductions
Carbon Reductions
Become more environmentally – and fiscally – responsible.
Carbon Reductions