Take on carbon reduction targets with ENGIE.

Meet your sustainability objectives with a range of renewable-energy options from ENGIE North America. Simplify your path to a carbon-neutral future with our customer-centric solutions tailored to meet your specific goals — from contracts to buy a certain volume of renewable power, to opportunities that add new resources to the grid. With options for onsite and offsite energy generation, ENGIE is uniquely positioned to build the right sustainability strategy for your business — one that delivers the value you’re looking to achieve with the right speed, risks, and terms for your organization.
Solar Array

Power purchase agreements

Fund the development of new offsite solar and wind projects with a traditional or virtual corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) that delivers strong energy-contract value along with a powerful sustainability impact. Bespoke solutions enable long-term price certainty while providing the opportunity to contribute to regional economic development and job creation at project sites.

Onsite power generation and storage

Avoid emissions with strategies that leverage distributed energy resources, including solar power generation and energy storage technologies. Gain resiliency by generating power onsite, and reduce energy and demand-related charges using battery storage.
Rooftop Solar
Wind Farm

Renewable retail electricity solutions

Benefit from sustainability solutions within the local electricity supply that enable customers in deregulated markets to support new or existing projects, incorporating PPAs and renewable energy credits into traditional retail supply contracts. With options for customers of all sizes, ENGIE leverages our supply-risk expertise to build retail structures that include firm volume and fixed-price offerings, ensuring predictability in month-to-month costs.

Low-carbon technologies

Replacing old and inefficient infrastructure can contribute significantly to carbon-reduction objectives while improving systems’ reliability and operational continuity. ENGIE develops strategies for central utility plants, onsite power generation and storage, district heating and cooling, and microsites. Find out how ENGIE can improve your utility infrastructure performance.
Heating and Cooling
Power Lines


Enable carbon reductions with strategies that replace technologies which rely on fossil fuels with those that consume electricity. Electrification of critical energy-consuming equipment, such as boilers, combined with use of electricity from renewable sources, can take climate action plans one step further, bringing businesses closer to reaching their key objectives for carbon neutrality.

Green hydrogen

Investing in clean hydrogen is critical to accelerating the energy transition. As a global leader in the production of large-scale renewable hydrogen, ENGIE develops turnkey solutions for customers, exploring innovative applications for green mobility, power generation, and heat/steam production
Green Hydrogen

Propel your sustainability strategy forward with ENGIE.

ENGIE is redefining customer value in today’s low-carbon energy landscape, providing the tools and resources you need to get the most out of your energy strategy. We can help you build the pathways to achieve your organization’s cost- and carbon-reduction objectives.

Gain the contract structuring and financing you need to support onsite generation and energy conservation measures with simple on-bill financing. Or benefit from structured rates and guaranteed outcomes that remove operational risk with ENGIE’s Energy as a Service™.

Join the leading customers who have turned to ENGIE for renewable and other low-carbon solutions.

Comprehensive energy capabilities, financial strength, and our commitments to a carbon-neutral future uniquely position ENGIE to unlock value in energy strategies and transform the potential of your business. See how other industry leaders have leveraged our global expertise to accelerate their sustainability programs.

Wind and Solar

ENGIE x Microsoft

By pairing the high-tech capabilities of Microsoft with the zero-carbon assets of ENGIE, the companies jointly pioneered a strategy to convert intermittent renewable energy supply into a fixed 24/7 power solution aligned to Microsoft’s specific energy requirements.
Read more on our work with Microsoft.

ENGIE x The Ohio State University

In collaboration with The Ohio State University, ENGIE — as part of Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) — develops and implements energy conservation projects that contribute to the university’s ability to reduce its carbon footprint. Specifically, within the first 10 years of the partnership, OSEP has committed to improving energy efficiency by a minimum of 25% on the Columbus campus. The university reviews each capital project and approves those that are expected to provide appropriate environmental and financial benefits.
Read more on our work with The Ohio State University.
Ohio State University

ENGIE & the City of Milpitas

The City of Milpitas, California, selected ENGIE to design and deploy each component of its smart city infrastructure program. The comprehensive program consists of 10 different measures covering three broad categories: advanced water infrastructure, efficient lighting upgrades, and energy-resilient community centers. The ongoing initiatives are making the streets of Milpitas safer while lowering operating costs and emissions. Read more on our work with the City of Milpitas.

ENGIE x QTS Data Centers

When achieving 100% renewable energy consumption became mission critical, QTS Data Centers — a member of the RE100 — turned to ENGIE for an innovative wind-energy solution facilitated through a traditional retail supply contract to power its Irving, Texas mega data center campus. In 2020, the company expanded its renewable commitments, leveraging a similarly structured agreement to power its Fort Worth location and further reduce its carbon footprint.
Read more on our work with QTS Data Centers.
QTS Data Centers
Commodity Risk Management

ENGIE x Amazon

Amazon has set goals of powering operations with 100% renewable energy by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2040. It is making progress toward those goals by teaming with ENGIE in several energy offtake contracts for a global renewable energy portfolio totaling 650 MW in wind and solar projects.
Read more on our work with Amazon.

Infrastructure Upgrades
Infrastructure Performance
Ensure asset performance, uptime, efficiency, and energy quality.
Infrastructure Performance
Cost Reductions
Cost Reductions
Mitigate market risks, improve budget certainty, and optimize performance.
Cost Reductions