GDF SUEZ’s Power Plant Marks 35 Years in Operation, Powering South Texas

FANNIN, Texas – July 15, 2015 – Coleto Creek Power is celebrating 35 years of providing electricity to
homes and businesses in South Texas. Employees from Coleto Creek Power and parent company
GDF SUEZ Energy North America marked the milestone on June 30 with events welcoming power plant
retirees as well as state and local government officials, and community business and non-profit leaders.

“Coleto Creek Power has been an important economic contributor in South Texas for nearly four decades,”
said State Rep. Geanie Morrison of Victoria. “The company has been a significant employer and an active
community investor. We congratulate and thank these men and women for their work and commitment.”

Operating on 8,300 acres, Coleto Creek Power has a generation capacity of 677 megawatts and can
power 400,000 homes. A coordinated team effort to operate the facility, Coleto Creek Power employs 82
people, and the average tenure of service for an employee currently on staff is 23 years. Over nearly four
decades, the plant has marked the retirement of 37 colleagues, with an average of 31 years of service for

“We are proud to be celebrating 35 years serving South Texas,” said Robert Stevens, Coleto Creek Power
plant manager. “When an employee hires on here, most everyone stays for the rest of his or her career. I
think this is a testament to the kind of workplace we have built together and to the kind of corporate citizen
we have shown ourselves to be.”

Coleto Creek Power has maintained a history of supporting local nonprofits. From children’s education programs
in swimming, mentoring, drug abuse prevention and scholarships, Independence Day fireworks, and historic
preservation, to volunteer fire department equipment and facility support and economic development, the company
has funded dozens of critical initiatives within Victoria and Goliad Counties.

One of the facility’s most successful collaborations has been with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
(GBRA) and the Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust (GBRT), working together toward environmental
awareness and sustainability. Since 1980 when the plant built its 3,100-acre lake to provide cooling water
for its operations, the GBRA has managed the park on the Coleto Creek Reservoir to host 300,000-plus
visitors annually. In 2014, Coleto Creek Power expanded its relationship with both organizations when it
donated a 238-acre site featuring hiking trails, camping facilities, an active Bald Eagle’s nest, and many
outdoor and wildlife photography opportunities.

“I started working at the Chamber of Commerce in Victoria in 1975 just as the plant was making itself known
as a coming attraction and major part of the development of the area,” recalled Mona Foust, executive director
of the Goliad Chamber of Commerce. “I congratulate Coleto Creek Power on this milestone and wish the team many
more years of success.”

Stevens pointed out that the company and his team’s enthusiasm for the community is second only to its
commitment to safe operations. During the plant’s history, employees have achieved an all-time safety
record that has spanned 17.2 years—or more than 2.8 million staff hours—without a lost time accident.

“Looking back at how Victoria and Goliad Counties have grown over 35 years, it’s very difficult to find a
sector of the community in which Coleto Creek Power hasn’t been a friend or supporter in some way,” said
Randy Vivian, Victoria Chamber of Commerce president and CEO. “The people of Coleto Creek Power
have enriched our region not just through their company’s support but through their personal involvement
as well.”

About Coleto Creek Power and GDF SUEZ Energy North America
Operating in Goliad County since 1980, Coleto Creek Power provides electricity to about 400,000 homes, employs 82
operators and staff, and is a part of GDF SUEZ Energy North America, which manages a range of energy businesses
in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, including electricity generation and cogeneration, natural gas and liquefied natural
gas (LNG) distribution and sales, and retail energy sales and related services to commercial and industrial customers,
and to residential customers via its Think Energy® brand. GDF SUEZ Energy North America is a part of the
international energy group ENGIE, with the corporate registered name GDF SUEZ.

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