In 2020, ENGIE added nearly 2 GW of renewable energy to the grid in the U.S. ...and 3 GW globally

Our team in North America added nearly 2 GW of new renewable energy resources into production in the U.S. last year. This represents an increase to our capacity of 75% and contributes significantly to ENGIE’s ambition to build approximately 9 GW of new renewable energy projects from 2019-2021 globally. With this additional capacity commissioned, ENGIE now has 3 GW of renewable energy assets in North America and 31 GW worldwide.

Discover the renewable projects ENGIE North America brought online in 2020

The new nearly 2 GW in North America includes 1.4 GW of wind and 0.4 GW of solar located in Texas, Kansas, South Dakota and Oklahoma. And some of the largest projects we have ever developed and built, like our 300 MW Prairie Hill wind farm and our 225 MW Longdraw solar site, both in Texas.  This past year was our biggest year of renewables construction yet!

We thank everyone who has been involved with this journey as we continue to shape a sustainable future.

Renewables in Long Draw

Long Draw, ENGIE’s largest solar project yet in the U.S.

Mid-December, ENGIE celebrated the completion of the Long Draw solar project with a virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the site in Borden County, Texas.  The farm brings 225 MW of new solar-generated power into production. Long Draw is our largest solar project yet in the U.S. requiring more than 800,000 hours of construction.

Renewables in Prairie Hill

Prairie Hill, our biggest renewables project of 2020

The Prairie Hill wind farm, ENGIE North America’s largest renewables project of 2020, was completed after 400,000 hours of construction. The 100-turbine wind farm generates enough energy at peak production to power the equivalent of 60,000 homes, and adds 300 MW of power towards our 2 GW goal.

In December, we completed construction and executed financing on King Plains

King Plains is a 250 MW project that sits on more than 26,000 acres in Hyde County, South Dakota. The wind farm has 88 GE turbines along with associated access roads and electrical collection systems. Both Kings Plains and our Triple H farms were part of a broader agreement which includes the largest tax equity financing ever completed in the U.S.

Renewables in King Plains

Jumbo Hill now generates enough energy to power more than 55,000 homes each year

The project, based in the Permian Basin of west Texas, has a long lifetime of 30 years. During that time, the wind farm will avoid more than 260K tonnes of CO2 in emissions each year, compared to other non-renewable energy projects. That’s equivalent to the emissions generated by 57,000 passenger cars every year.

Renewables in Jumbo Hill
Renewables in Triple Hill

Triple H captures energy from more than 15,000 acres in Oklahoma’s Garfield & Noble counties

Farmland here generates another crop: 248,2 MW of renewable energy. Hundreds of construction workers spent thousands of hours to install, assemble and connect this project’s 92 wind turbines. Both Triple H and our Kings Plains farms were part of a broader agreement which includes the largest tax equity financing ever completed in the U.S.

Renewables in Anson

Thousands of solar modules harvest the sun’s energy in Jones, Texas

Situated on around 2,200 acres in rural Texas, our Anson Solar Farm incorporates more than 75,000 individual solar modules—each playing its part in supporting the energy transition of our customers. The site come online end December 2020, after around 500,000 hours of construction.  And will now supply 200 MW.

Las Lomas Wind Farm adds 200 MW of renewable energy capacity

The Las Lomas wind farm is situated on almost 36,000 acres in south Texas across Starr and Zapata counties.  The 200 MW farm includes more than 44 miles of new collection lines that connect production from the turbines to the grid. In addition to bringing ENGIE one step closer to our goal, Las Lomas brings long-term economic benefit to local communities.

Renewables in Las Lomas

East Fork wind farm brings development and tax benefits to Thomas County, Kansas

The project, located in Northwestern Kansas near the City of Colby, was commission in April. It brings long-term employment and  tax benefits to the local community, including a scholarship fund program with Colby Community College. The 21,000 acre site now generates 195.8 MW of clean wind energy.

Renewables in East Fork

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