We value being a part of the community.

ENGIE North America strives to be the best neighbor we can be in the communities we serve. With this focus in mind, we have woven charitable giving, volunteering, and concern for the environment into our business offerings, corporate culture, and approach to building relationships of trust.

Our community programs primarily address:

  • Children’s health and education
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability
  • Community culture and well-being
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We are proud to work with educators to provide scholarships, improve classroom facilities, develop students’ community values, and fund courses that incorporate arts and culture into STEM learning in order to stimulate new perspectives on math and science.

ENGIE also has a history of digging in to enhance nature conservancies and regional waterways, as well as to sponsor educational, immersive nature expeditions for inner-city youth. We’ve donated to, and volunteered at, local food banks to support neighbors who need a helping hand. And we have contributed to county fairs, which play a vital role in local culture.

Hand-in-hand with local philanthropy, we also commit to actions to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • We strive to be increasingly diverse and inclusive within our company to maximize the unique strengths and perspectives of our employees and partners. ENGIE has made a commitment to having women attain 50 percent of management roles across the company by 2050. Meanwhile, in 2020, ENGIE North America led an industry effort with dozens of renewable energy companies making commitments to advance racial justice.
  • We support internship programs that bring us fresh perspectives and lead to fulfilling careers in renewable energy and energy services. Our partnerships with the University of Iowa, Ohio State University, and Boston University, among others, help these institutions meet sustainability goals and improve research and student retention.
  • We employ a supplier diversity program which ensures a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for our business. Supplier diversity plays an important role in our strategy and enables us to better serve our customers; strengthen our diverse, inclusive, and innovative culture; and promote local economic growth.

We aim to be the world leader in the carbon-neutral energy transition.

  • We boost local economies through job creation in the renewable energy sector, internships that prepare students for careers in the sector, and training that enables local staff to grow with our company.
  • Our sustainable energy and STEM program improves efficiency and reduces costs for local organizations and institutions. For example, our work with the 20,000-student Hayward Unified School District in California improved the learning environment, while also generating $65 million in energy costs over the life of the program.
  • We help educational institutions deploy renewable energy technologies to save money, which they can then invest in their students and programs. In 2019, ENGIE-led projects resulted in $28.9 million in energy savings for more than 100 K-12 institutions and $7.1 million in energy savings for over 16 university campuses.
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Creating opportunities together makes us all stronger — wherever we are.

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Our purpose is accelerating the transition toward a carbon-neutral economy.
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